Political Crap

There have been many people on this site that have continued talking and discussing the politics of Obama even after he won. Some people have been saying stop talking about it its over.

I think that both groups are right in a sense. We shouldn't stop talking about politics just because our part in voting is over because it still effects our live. However, you Republicans who continue bashing Obama, take a chill pill, for starters he hasn't even taken office yet. If you want to bash him for bad things he does at least wait until he's president. Also I know that the vast majority of the Republicans out there want Obama to fail and want him to be a bad president because you want Repulicans back. Anyone that thinks that is a fucking retarted blind follower of their own party. No matter who gets elected everyone should want him to do a good job because even if you want Republicans back if Democrats do well then you shouldn't hate them and vice versa. We pick our president based on who would best lead this country not what party they are from.

And did write this on the side of a Democrat but if Mccain won I would be saying the same things to Democrats so no saying anything about that.

Uploaded 11/14/2008
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