political shit slingin'

Political blogs.  I stopped responding to them as whole because I more often then not ended up pretty angry.  Even when the blog was based on a topic that I agreed with.  Regardless of what the topic was I usually ended up in a debate with someone who was the extreme opposite of what I am for.  As some of you know I practice my shit slinging and my bullshit slinging quite a bit.  Even when I know that I am completely full of shit, I continue to push my bullshit agenda as far as I can or at least until I am bored. 

Either way the reason that I get upset is because of the blogs that I read where people just blame blame blame.  I am just as guilty of this as anyone else of blaming which politician is responsible for the economic crisis that we are in.  Some of it just comes down to simple name calling.  I think that we can all agree that all to politicians, both republican and democratic are responsible for where we are today.  The question isnt who is responsible but what are we going to do about it.  Stop buying into this propaganda bullshit.  There has always been socialism in our government.  Alaska actually alocates money from coorporations based there and gives it back to the citizens which is the definition of marxism.

Stop buying into the bullshit and start thinking of how we can change things.  That is what I love about this country so much that enough people get behind one idea we can change things for our lives.  Lets try and stop this republican democrat, he said she said bullshit.  Lets start moving toward a non partisan government where we no longer have parties that do more arguing then serving those that elect them.  Politicians who put their party priorities over the needs of the people.  I truly that believe that both parties are to blame and for that both parties should be eliminated.  People before parties because seperated we accomplish nothing.

Uploaded 11/01/2008
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