'Politically Correct' aka 'Pussified'

Political Correctness is eating the the human race alive. As time goes on, we grow weaker and weaker, more dependant on our technologies, luxuries and home comforts for survival. Softer and softer we become, steadily losing our ability to stand up and resist those who are strong and who wish to use their strength to oppress and rule us.


Examples of this are myriad, and can be found in virtually every aspect of life and society. To generalize them somewhat, they are focused entirely on protecting people's comfort. Not their well-being, mind-you... only their comfort. We try more and more as time goes on to protect everyone from so much as being OFFENDED by anything anyone else might say or do, nevermind actually hurt in any way. And the ridiculous thing is... the more we coddle people, the more we try to shield them from the slightest discomfort, the easier it becomes for them to be made uncomfortable, and the more absurd the limits become which we place on our behavior to prevent discomfort.


Religion is stricken from public venues. While it's understandable that you might not want them to preach their beliefs onto you if you yourself are a non-believer (which is already pretty stupid... it's a mild aggravation at best, you can tell them to fuck off your damn self, you don't need society to do it for you), it's pretty absurd when you demand that they must keep their very existence out from your sight and hearing just because you don't believe as they do. There's a word for that, it's called segregation, and it's unconstitutional. They are just as free to believe in their gods and "spread the word" as their beliefs call them to do, as you are free not to believe and to dismiss their preachings.


Sexual harassment. Please. Requiring that society punish them for putting their hands on you in any way that isn't welcome is one thing, but to have them strung up by our legal system for whistling and calling you sexy is ridiculous. They're attracted to you and they want to have sex with you. You're going to encounter that in the opposite sex (and even the same sex) from time to time. It's not a bad thing. Deal with it. I would even argue that physical contact is an essential form of human communication, and as long as it doesn't extend beyond a lewd but friendly-meaning ass-slap into the realm of groping or rape, then what's the big fuckin deal? It's really no different that guys rough-housing around with one another. It's friendly and playful and does absolutely no harm whatsoever.


Violence. This one is near and dear to my heart. Somehow, we've come to the conclusion that violence itself is wrong, no matter how it's employed. Ironically, violence is our one defense against those who are strong enough to force violence upon us and who don't share your weakling ideals that violence is wrong. In a grotesque twist of fate, this means violence is necessary... to protect you from violence. Gotta love the irony. But while any reasonable person is forced to acknowledge that twisted fact, they still try to suppress violence in any form that they don't view as being strictly necessary... including TRAINING to prepare to defend against violence!!


Yeah, we're on this subject again. Boot camp in particular... thanks to political correctness, drill instructors can no longer even SWEARat recruits, nevermind strike them. Stop for a moment and think about exactly what boot camp is and what it's intended to do. Boot camp is a place where military recruits are subjected to the most extreme forms of PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STRESS while in a controlled environment where they can be monitored and observed to see how they cope... and removed if they fail to adapt. Weed out the weak links who join with dreams of being Rambo, but who turn out to panic under fire. Stop them from slipping through the cracks and finding out too late, when they're on the front lines facing the enemy, that they can't handle it. At that point, they're dead, and their inability to handle extreme stress probably got their buddies on their left and right killed with them. THAT is boot camp's purpose... now tell me, how exactly are drill instructors supposed to create that environment, and simulate the terrible stress of a combat environment... IF THEY CAN'T EVEN SWEAR!!!


The list goes on and on. This past christmas I heard in some places that the Santas were required to say "Ha Ha Ha" because "Ho" is slang for prostitute, and might offend someone. If you don't see how fucking ridiculous that is, then take a look in the mirror: YOU ARE THE PROBLEM.

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