I'm really tired of everybody damning this politician, praising that one, calling that one a savior, calling the other the devil. There's something that a lot of people need to realize, THEY"RE ALL FUCKING POLITICIANS! They will tell you what you want to hear, what will make them the most money or what will garner them the position they desire. I'm not talking about a particular democrat or republican, I'm talking about EVERY politician. I'll believe that a politician cares about the economy when they reduce the income of all politicians and pay taxes for the betterment of society.

Honest politics are long dead, if you want to resurrect it, take the profit down to a meager salary of 50,000 yearly and tax it. I guarantee that all of these career politicians will seriously reconsider their life choices, and new politicians who actually give a rats ass about this country will step up and be recognized. Make it a career of passion and not of profit, (or tax free living) and you'll see people who genuinely care about the rights and liberties allowed in this country.




If you believe for one second that anyone in DC gives a rats ass about you, (regardless of your/their political affiliation) then you've got a lot to learn and shouldn't be bantering about you political opinions.

Uploaded 05/13/2009
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