Politics, are you turned off?

alright. I'm posting this because I'm sick and tired of having stupid people complaining that they are sick of politics.  If you do not want to deal with politics then leave democratic nations and goto a dictatorship or a communist country.  part of living in a Democratic society is being politicly informed. something most people have missed.  some things that come to mind is America's support of Israeli. America send Israeli money to help them but what do they use the money for. does anyone know. I bet you don't. they use it to build settlements in contested land, they use it to build houses and move Jewish familes into the contested land of West Bank. once again this might help explain to some Americans why they are hated by muslims. cause the jews are trying to ethnicly destroy islam from Israeli and expand jewish control of the middle east.  therefor muslims are trying to fight back for the land they lost and see america funding the Jews expansion into land whichis not thiers. so if any americans still wonder why middle east didn't accept American tanks rolling in and killing Saddam, this is why, and this is exactly why you must pay attention to what your saying and what your politicions are saying

Uploaded 08/10/2008
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