Politics is religion/religion is politics

Religion is on a steady decline, but people need something to believe in, so where does that leave everybody? It seems to me that politics are taking place of religion, and why not? Politics have a belief structure based on what people feel is good and right, the only thing that religion has over it is an omnipotent overseer... and the accountability that comes with it.

This being stated, what does that mean for those who don't handle their beliefs easily. Would it be too much ta say that it may not be too long before a new civil war broke out between the liberals and conservatives? Given the nature of man and the way that we have handled our religion in the past, who's to say that politics wont be handled the same? We already see people getting into fist fights about politics, and others seem to get offended if we don't ingest what we are attempting to cram down their throats.

It would appear that comprimise is out of the question, we either have it our way, or our way. No one is willing to discuss what can be done to please both sides because both sides will never be pleased by comprimise.

In closing, I would like to remind you that I am no fan of cliche, however, it seems noteworthy that Abraham Lincoln was paraphrasing Jesus Christ when he stated, "A house divided against itself cannot stand."

Uploaded 04/17/2009
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