Politics politics politics..................

Relax people it's almost over and then we can get back to the important things like should I screw this person or not or better yet the blogs about rating your ability to take a crap. I am posting early because I want some people to get the bodecoderings out. I have spent about 3 hours today listening to the TV stations tell me what I saw last night. I dont know what I would so without them. I apparently have a reputation as being a close minded conservative. I would like to give my take on last night....WE ARE IN TROUBLE and we are being lied to. Surprise!!! I agree with Obama when he says that health care is a right and I also agree with his statement that we should go ANYWHERE to KILL Osama. It is because of these beliefs that they have asked me to turn in my conservative membership card. I come on here and talk politics because I want someone to change my mind about voting for McCain and I bet you didnt know that either. I am not conning you or setting you up but I want someone to explain Wright and Ayers and give me proof they are not true. So Port and rkz and meglo and Johnny B come on and PLEASE bring me proof and I am not talking about the New York times or another liberal paper. Please give me proof here is your chance to change some one's mind. NO BULL In closing I would like to say the guy who made the comment from the view of a SKINHEAD??? You sir are a liar. NO skinhead would EVER vote for a black man and you are either lying about your skinhead ties,or you are a skinhead and you should just disappear for all our sakes. Thanks for reading Bohank
Uploaded 10/08/2008
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