....are just getting rediculous these days. 


Neither of the candidates are good enough to sit in the white house, in my opinion. Obama hasn't had enough experience (although his running mate Joe Biden would be a good candidate), and Mccain is just awful. I wouldn't feel safe with a man controlling our countries that sings "bomb bomb bomb Iran". Thats just what we need</sarcasm>

I don't even want to get started on Palin. Shes the first political person to actually make me furious. She can't even hold her act together in an interview, like the one with Katy Couric. Ever since the debates, there has been no reporters talking to her. She may have looked smart in the debate, but that was because they made an exception to the rules, and gave Palin and Biden the questions several weeks early. Now that she looks all high and mighty, they hide her from the media. (Theres a really good Ted Rall comic expressing this.)

Altough I only spoke about the Republican side's flaws, I still recognize that the Democrats have their share of flaws. Even though both candidates aren't good enough to bring this country to a stable level, I would say Obama and Biden is the better choice. 

Thats all I have to say for now. Please don't flame me for my views, just tell me what you think in a way that I can respond and have a good debate.




P.S. - Some links to things I mentioned above: (bomb bomb iran....) (Ted Rall comic)




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