I want you guys to imagine for a moment what kind of lame individual is responsible for all the thumbing down.  First, they've got to take the time to make up 20 email accounts, and then make 20 ebaum's accounts. 

After they're done with all the preliminaries they log on to one of the bogus accounts, go to every blog in the world, and thumb down all of the comments.  This process is repeated 10-20 times.

This is pathetic beyond reason.  How much wasted time does this represent?  The funniest part is I'm pretty sure nobody actually gives a shit about getting thumbed down by a weirdo.  It's not like I give a damn about e-reps and I'm not even sure getting thumbed down impacts them.

Now poopie has said that he's not the thumbs down fairy.  He promises to attack everybody on the site "you will be my defeated foes" and the next day we're all getting thumbed down.  If somebody is setting you up, poopie, they're doing a really good job.  I'm not Sherlock Holmes, but I'd bet a paycheck that it's you.  You applaud the thumbs down fairy, saying he's a genius (although you didn't spell it right) and claim you had an extended ejaculation over such a pathetic, time consuming, and pointless action.

Now, poopie, I'm going to ask you to continue thumbing everybody down.  I never want you to leave.  When I think about you spending an hour or two a day, logging in and thumbing everybody down 20 times, I'm going to giggle my ass off.  When I think about you having a little sheet of paper with all of your bogus ebaums account's passwords and user ids written down on it, I'm going to giggle my ass off.  It's seriously the most pathetic thing in the world.

Now I'm not interested in poopie replying on this page that it's not him thumbing everybody down, because I think it's pretty obvious to everybody that it is.  He promised an attack and thumbing down was the best he could do.  He's not even thumbing himself down to make it look reasonably legit.

Keep it up, poopie, I want to see how long you can maintain the lamitude.  I want to see how many one star ratings you can put on this blog.  Your futile efforts at lashing out at the meanies on ebaumsworld really crack me up.

Uploaded 05/12/2009
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