Poor Gore! The People Score!

 Poor Al Gore had to close down his Chicago Climate Exchange, (CCX) due to its utter failure. It seems they won't be selling the Carbon Credits to would be suckers worldwide.  This is an utter failure of purpose in global warming hysteria yet the Old Media is almost completely silent on this colossal failure.

The CCX was the brainchild of Northwestern University business professor Richard Sandor, who used $1.1 million in grants from the Chicago-based left-wing Joyce Foundation to launch the CCX. For his efforts, Time named Sandor as one of its Heroes of the Planet in 2002 and one of its Heroes of the Environment in 2007.

But as of the October 21 announcement that carbon trading would end, the Old Media is nowhere to be seen on the story.

The CCX failed because people are becoming aware that climate change is a hoax. With the recent election results, U.S cap and trade is dead and other nations are turning away from Kyoto global warming laws, due to the fact they can crush economies and do very little to solve pollution problems.

After the lies and deceit that was uncovered by the climate change fanatics in the E-mail from the Climate Change Unit at the University of  East Anglia, the credibility of global warming has been down graded to a pseudo science. It is all global baloney.

Add to that the worldwide depression and you can see why the nonsensical trade of carbon has failed. Rich people with guilty feelings might have the money for such  crazy ideas, but people with real economic problems have more important things to worry about.

Why has the media ignored this story? If an effort from the right had failed so miserably, the main stream media would have  been saturating the airwaves with it.  So much Bullshit!
Uploaded 11/08/2010
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