Pootie Tang Movie Review

I had to write a movie review for class and decided to do pootie tang, but not the one your thinking of... My teacher is super cool so he will probobly love it.


Pootie Tang
Movie Review


I sat down for what I thought would be a hilarious, black humor filled comedy fun fest. The internet has never steered me wrong before, and my bittorent download was going great, PootieTang.avi, sounded legit enough, but what I got was far from what I had expected. The first thing id like to say is , Director Louis C.K. Did a fantastic job on the lighting, especially on the genitals.

One of my major problems with this film was the excessive use of nudity, almost 90% of this film was filmed in the nude, Very low brow Chris Rock, very low brow. The plot was generally confusing, why would the pizza man immediately take his clothes off upon entry to the house? Very unprofessional, one can only assume he was fired shortly after. The entire movie began to get a bit repetitive, I began to just assume I was about to see someone take their clothes off (I was usually right). Very predictable. It was around the time the donkey came out that I became extremely bored, Come on! Where is the comedy? Where are all of those funny jokes that ive come to know and love from Chris Rocks stand up acts, that one about how white people are different then black people gets me every time .

When the house-keeper showed up to Pooties's house, I figured she was going to clean his house. I was partially correct, as she only seemed interested in cleaning his genitals, which I must say; were already fairly tidy to begin with. Now something I loved about the film was the acting. Hugh G. Rection gave a performance that can only be compared to Brando in The Godfather, utterly flawless and captivating in every scene, when he asked the women if she ordered her pizza with the sausage, it was as if he was staring into my soul. Bravo Mr. Rection. I got really excited about 20 minutes into the film, finally here the was, Chris Rock to save the day, here comes the comedy, buckle your seat belts folks. Now Chris Rock looked a lot different in this film, for one thing he was around 200 pounds heavier then when I previously saw him, and also he was Mexican, and what he did next is to graphic for me to even describe to you, shame on you Osmosis. Perhaps im just not hip enough to get the jokes, maybe im too white, the jokes are flying right over my silky smooth non nappy head.

In conclusion Pootie Tang was not a great movie, still not as bad as I expected, definitely funnier then the trailer, but overall that’s not saying much. The directing was bland, rarely would the camera change angles, and when it did I found myself praying for the angle to change back. Acting was solid, plot was to confusing for the average viewer, but the twist ending ties it all together (literally. If you watch it you’ll see what I mean!) But hopefully they can produce a sequal so they can tie up some of the loose ends.

Overall I Give Pootie Tang

8 buckets of fried chicken out of 10

Uploaded 09/29/2008
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