Poppy-burning Muslim protesters

Just a little copy pasta about what happened:

Islamic protesters sparked fury today after they burned a model of a poppy and deliberately broke the silence at Armistice Day commemorations in central London As millions of Britons fell silent to remember those who have died in war, members of a group called Muslims Against Crusades clashed with police during an 'emergency demonstration' in Kensington, west London As the clock struck 11am, the Islamic protesters burned a model of a poppy and chanted 'British soldiers burn in hell'

I have written about this before, but make NO mistake - many Muslims (of course not all) have extreme beliefs and wish us (those of western ideals) dead.  This is just the new way of going about it.  All they are doing is migrating to Western countries, taking advantage of our social programs - breeding and eventually plan on just voting in their insane laws (just take a look at what Sharia Law entails)

I am fucking outraged at these acts - I was in the army reserves, had a friend die in Afghanistan and these scumbags dare do something like this.  I had some Muslims at my work refuse to be quiet during the moment of silence on Thursday - I told them to get the fuck off my machine afterwards.  It is funny, mention something negative about Islam and they will cry and bitch, but it is perfectly ok to slam our beliefs.  I have also read in several forums that people believe that Remeberance Day are white supremacists (fucking unbelievable)

I don't care if you believe the war in Iraqi / Afghanistan - those decisions are made by the government, but don't disrespect our troops.  We need to wake up, if Muslims that move to our country refuse to intergrate to our society should be kicked out - and that is not saying they can't have their religion, but leave the extreme ideals in their own country.

and since I am ranting about Islam/Muslims - I for one do NOT WANT OMAR KHADR sent back to Canada - keep him in the US and let him fucking rot.
Uploaded 11/12/2010
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