Where to begin?

Have you ever noticed how everything you see nor hear is negative now a days; watching the news its always so depressing like yes what we see is what we get and sometimes it hurts but why can’t we throw in something that is positive. If they show a parade on t v it’s usually the ones that have gone bad why not one that has gone right for a change?

And now a day’s all you here is how people’s hearts are being broken, why don’t we hear anything good about relationships?

Well to be honest we could but half the time the person you end up trying to talk to you about the goodness of your relationship is one that has their heart shattered or they just don’t want to hear it. But why not, Why do we want to hear how someone got there heartbroken isn’t it always the same story? It begins with a boy and a girl or a girl and a girl and a guy and a guy whichever way, but it still ends up the same way, NOT together. Why do we love to hear those stories but yet we fantasise about those fairytale’s and wonder if they can even happen. Ask yourself do you want that fairytale? Well if you do concentrate on that, then you might get it.

My point, why do we dwell on things that hurt us most? Why don’t we cherish that GOOD feeling? Is it because the bad feeling seems to last longer? It lasts however long you want it to last its your emotion only you can control it. And why do we let people bring us down? If you and your loved one don’t work out who cares? Yes that is a little harsh but look around, you are surrounded by millions of others and that boy or that girl may have been your perfect 10 but you weren’t there’s. To be quit frank if you’re not there’s then they don’t deserve you because there is someone out there that will feel the same way but you have to give people a chance and you have to be patient. Who knows maybe the perfect person is right in front of you but you’ve been so blind from looking that you never really clued in.

Uploaded 08/09/2008
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