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Interest in the apocalypse has plagued mankind for ages. Frightful tellings of a world inevitably spinning its way towards a Doom's Day have haunted the minds of philosophers, scientist, religious zealots and free thinkers alike. It is a situation which any of us can find ourselves pondering over at one at various times in out lives, awaiting the end of days. The apocalypse exists in the material, tangible world we find ourselves living, laden with meat and potatoes as well as holding a strong presence in the spiritual and religious world as well. There are the prophet Nostradamus's writings to Raimi's Evil Dead. The idea has an element of romance that we are all attracted to as we've imagined thousands of stories based on the post apocalypse in almost every way imaginable. In my opinion, the idea of being confronted with life as you get to watch it slow or even cease to exist. Hoping that by the end of it all there is one last fag in front of you to share the sunset with. No, not as scary as much as we think it is.. but a fantasy. One that's been toyed with a lot. Whether the end comes through some form of major world flood believed to be given by some monotheistic deity, major earth quake and land upheaval, global warming.. or.. reanimated post mortem tissue.. the post apocalypse and the events prior are interesting topics that have kept a steady foot hold in society and the world. Welcome to my Post Apocalyptic Blog section! If theres ever a specific topic you would like me to cover ie books, movies, anything. Feel free to in-box me!


Uploaded 09/07/2011
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