post hallloween wrap up

Please reference my last blog for background (fuck that shit) Seriously I went out to my parents for halloween to hand out candy and play/interact with the kids.

In preperation for this I  went to the walmart and purchased about $50 worth of candy, the good stuff (snickers reeses hershey bars etc.), dug out  the fake spiders, put up that annoying fake spider web, decorated with all the usual stuff. What's her name and I carved a couple of pumpkins. basically I was ready for a great time.

Arrive at the parents around 4:00 pm decorated and then just sat back to enjoy myself

6:00 no kids

7:00 no kids

7:15 5 little peanuts show up, I do the halloween routine get my trick or treats out of them and a bonus...1 of them pukes on the porch! Yeah!

7:18-7:25 cleaned porch

7:25 5-6 more kids ninjas and princesses and 1 fairy (I thought I would point out that my mom is so blind at this point that she thinks the fairy wings are a hat)

7:40 5-6 more kiids show up (pirates and hobos and whores) these ones are getting a little bigger but what the hell I'm game and make them do the song and dance....on the way out the little bastards kick over one of the jack o lanterns

8:00 decided to wrap up the whole halloween thing turned out the lights picked up pieces of demolished pumpkin etc

9:26 I shit you not a bunch of 20 somethings (drunk, high, obviously way too old) show up and say they saw the decorations and wanted some candy. Needless to say I tell them to fuck off and get off the yard (in retrospect probably a bad idea)

11:20 ggrand total (including the 20 somethings around 20-25) on my way out to leave I discover my flat tires and broken sideview mirrors.

I guess the kids all went to community events. It seems like this world has gotten so horrible that  kids are no longer safe going door to door (that really sucks). As for the older ones I guess I can't really cry because the air was just let out of the  tires and the mirrors were break aways so not much harm no foul.

All in all Not what I expected, but still an Halloween I will definitely remember

How was Yours?



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