Poutine - French Fries and Gravy

I was talking about poutine with Irishprick and he gave me the idea to write a blog about it. So here it goes...


Poutine is a junk food meal or snack basically made of french fries, brown gravy and cheddar curd cheese. Many people argue as to who invented the first poutine and where it came from and still to this day its impossible to tell whos really right. All across the province of quebec, every region claims they were the first. What is sure is that it was invented after World War 2. Before then, cheese was not affordable for most families.


Like every popular food, people have tried to make variations of the poutine. Most fast food joints like La Belle Province offer the regular poutine but also poutine with chicken, poutine extra smoked meat or italian poutine. Italian version means you use spaghetti meat sauce instead of brown gravy. I know some places outside of canada that tried making some but it ended up being made with turkey gravy and feta cheese so I dont recommend you ever eat poutine anywhere else than in quebec, canada, unless you have a quebecer with you that will know what ingrediants to pick and how to make it.


In montreal there is a world famous restaurant named La Banquise and they make about 20 different kinds of poutine. Its opened 24 hours and poeple from every class of the population as well as tourist go eat there all the time. Here are the most popular varieties of poutine at La Banquise:


-Elvis: ground beef, onions and green peppers

-mexicano: cubes of fresh tomatoes and hot banana pepper rings

-obelix: with smoked meat on top

-frank: with merguez wieners on top

-La Galvaude*: Brown gravy replaced with pepper gravy, chicken and peas

-hawaiian: cubed ham, pineapple cubes

-veggie: sliced mushrooms, onions, green peppers and coleslaw

-meat lovers: ground beef, pepperoni and smoked meat

-michigan: brown gravy replaced with spaghetti meat sauce

* it is very important that I mention that Galvaude was created in saguenay and not by la banquise. those who know whould throw rocks at me


If you ever travel to canada and go to quebec, I recommend that you try out some poutine. Its simple, fat and it tastes fucking good!


Aunt platypuss xx





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