president obama suckfest 2009

 with everyone asking for change from one man, i have come to realize that with obama in power that the  zombie problem that we face in america willl be no more! for it his duty to change the problem of zombies eating or converting other human brains. also with further investigation it should be known with any political revolution with change that the zombie population usually decrease by 50% but without change the zombie population increase by atleast 75%. yes i know the nubers do not match up, but if you borrow money to fix the debt and decrease tax payers money i think you will find that the zombie population can be controlled throgh percentages, and also the bell curve. it can be noted that through proper math matical buiness calculus ythat the zombie population can be controlled by borrowing more money from the federal reserve system and then ingecting that money into the lacking and overcomed vampire scociety by werewoles that we as human beings may fix the economical slum that we are in. so what you do is borrow more money to increase the debt your already in to fix the money that you as a vampire or mutant that you are to bring change about in the  one man that will fix mircuosly the fucking planent that is comprised of more than a few billion fortune cookie, watching twillight turning into a bunch of intrest eating mother fucking vampires! dont get it yet? well the federal reserve system is not a government institution, and is actually a public controlled and traded company, yes you can buy stock in the federal reserve the same place that your tax return comes from, its a publicly stock trade company, but heres the real kicker the government borrows money from the federal reserve and then injects that money into circulation for wich yes you pay double taxation without representation, heard of that before? of course you have its called the fucking boston tea party. ann if you believe that if the government borrows more money in a perpetual debt cycal like you using your fucking gay credit card to pay off your other credit card then yes your a fucking vampire and the fucking stay puff marshmellow man is going to be walking down fith ave to  collect bax taxes. lock my balls , get more e-rep points to get a fucking mustang bullshit car when a mitsubhi lancer evo beets a fucking lambo off the line and around the track, wake the fuck up you zombie mother fuckers.

Uploaded 01/25/2009
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