Presidential Debate Overview

In case you missed it, here is a list of some of the issues discussed during the Presidential Debate...

Senator McCain
giveaway to banks; affordable mortgages
obama-plumber-upper class tax increase, small business
"spread the wealth around"-focused on attacking character
doesnt want to raise taxes on anyone(+$250,000/year)
businesses, wealthy people, protect from tax hikes
home value, derr derr
energy independant: offshore drilling, nuclear, subsidies for ethanol
sugarcane-based ethanol from brazil--(not independant solution)
new direction-increase in government control
"I'm not President Bush"
spending freeze is being done, everyone else is doing it, so will I
eliminate spending
$24million more than bush
fought against spending & special interest
opposition of republican party; medicare, rights for sick, 9/11, conduct in iraq, torture

Confrontation; town-hall meetings-no communication, many unacceptable turns in campaign
john lewis: allegation McCain segregation, george wallace, didnt keep his words
public financing truth, obama: highest spending on negative ads since watergate
immigration, stem cell research: negative ads by obama

keeps bringing up his honor while facing false remarks about obama from republicans
Accused Ayers and Obama: 230,000 to ACORN
Sarah Palin; reformer, energy natural resourses board, money to tax payers, 40billion break to lower 48
breath of fresh air, fight against old ways, special needs families, united the party, McCains proud
Joe Biden-Against Gulf War, divide Iraq into 3 countries, been wrong on many bills
why spend more? 860billion worth of new spending, in time of hardship in America
Middle east, venezualian oil
unilaterally re-negotiate oil with Canada, telling them wont work
nuclear powerplants, wind, tide, solar, flexfuel, clean cold technology
10 years can eliminate dependance on Middle East oil
"LOOK at offshore drilling"
NAFTA; goods to columbia; 1billion to get goods there; their goods come in free
stop flow of drugs
Free Trade with Columbia is a no-brainer, maybe you should visit them
Hugo Chavez; free trade between Columbia is vital
obama wants to restrict trade and raise taxes
working families dont have healthcare as it stands. Put healthcare records online
community health centers, physical fitness programs, reward employees for fitness
refundable tax credit; get healthcare anywhere you want
back to Plumber Joe; if you dont get the healthcare Obama mandates, u will be fined
healthcare beauracracies, will change into Canada or England
Obsession with Plumber Joe; if you get rich you will be taxed
will allow military people to go directly to teaching without standardized testing or certification
wants to cut taxes for everyone without raising them to big businesses and wealthy people

Senator Obama
main focus on jobs
tax breaks to employers offering jobs
tax cuts for middle class less than 250,000
energy policy-alternative solutions
education for new generation to work
mccain-tax cuts for exxon mobile 4billion
95% of working families will rec. tax breaks
pay-as-you-go: subsidies to insurance companies
govt programs that work-increase funding
govt programs that dont work-abolish
medicare, health insurance for all americans
invest in young peoples education
no spending freeze: underfunded programs, increase spending on working programs
old ways not working; high deficit
standing up to leaders of democratic party: charter schools, teachers performance
+$42,000/yr tax increase
core economic issues, taxes, energy, spending; mccain supports bush
8 more years of the same thing that has not worked

Confrontation; McCain: 100% of his ads have been negative
healthcare debate, energy policy, 527's
dont mind being attacked; focus on economic crisis

worst financial crisis since The Great Depression; all must work together
Ayers; centerpeice of McCains campaign.
Bill Ayers; Chicago education: Radical domestic group despicable
school reform board, Mr Annemburg, Obama and Ayers on the board
Ayers not involved in campaign
ACORN: paying people to go out register votes; people working fraudulant
voter board EMPs. fact straight.
no association with Ayers or ACORN
associated with dick luger, gen. jim jones
joe bidden-foregin policy is the best, fights for working families, fight for the little guy
--crime bill, violence against women, same core values; re-prioritize, tax cuts to little guys, education
is Sarah Palin ready to be President? Shes a good politician, good work with special needs fams;
but requires funding-not possible with McCains spending freeze
10 years can eliminate dependance on Middle East oil
1. expand domestic production; oil companies offshore drilling "Use it or Lose it"
can't drill our way out of our problem
geothermal, biodiesel, fuel efficient cars-domestic
NAFTA; Free trade. Any trade agreement is good agreement;wrong.
Trade Agreements with South Korea gives advantage to them not us
Columbia labor leaders targeted for assassination; nothing done
stand for human rights, stop violence against workers organizing for their rights
Automakers losing; gas prices, car dealers closing
loan guarantee's to automakers; make highly fuel efficient vehicles
transportation=30% of fuel consumption
create 5millions new jobs
wind turbines, solar panels, focus of our country for the next century
two woman; 50yrs old: laid off, no health insurance; if they get sick they could go bankrupt
health insurance thru employer: keep it
lower costs for health insurance
$2,500/year for medical insurance
high care at lower costs for uninsured
insurance companies wont descriminate on prior conditions
Preventive care; increase funding=will make citizens healthy but long run will help the economy
Plumber Joe; exempt small business, hold large business that can afford it to it
Medicade system, Emergency Room; added to premiums
uninsured costing everyone $900+
50% credit to afford healthcare for small business
McCain proposes $5000 tax credit; wont go far
20million will not be able to get insurance; older people, unhealthy, etc
insurance companies will cherry pick and leave people out; wants to give it to all
wants to help grow middle class
will make education possible by having programs that exchange community service and civil support for all Americans

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