Pretty normal.

                It's almost that time of the year again, the time of the year when the leaves turn an autumn orange and begin to shower down. The air was the perfect temperature as I took a long walk to deliver a package to a friend. I walked across the cross walk minding my own business and some rude man began to honk at me. I ran over to his car pulled him out, punched him in the throat several times and than beat his ass with a meat cleaver until all that was left was a bloody pulp. 

         So I was finally at my friends house, I greeted him than handed him the package. I said hello to his wife but she just walked away, I didn't like her attitude so I grabbed her and hung her from her chandolier using her own intestines. My friend started whining like a little bitch so I was nice enough to prepare dinner for him. I made him a warm chicken pot pie. He ate it up in no time, He said it was delicious so he asked me for the recipe. I told him that I just cooked his wifes stomach put some seasoning on it than used her skin as the crust. He started vomiting than told me he was going to call the police, He picke up the phone and I sliced his arm off with a kitchen knife. He started to scream so I cut a hole through his stomach and used his body as a sleeping bag. Today was a good day ( ^ :








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