Private Islands

Who doesn't have a fantasy of owning a private island? I've had one since I was as young as I could remember, and as I get older, I realize that it's not impossible. For me right now, I'm 20 and I work a $10/hr job, so no I won't be getting one tomorrow. But I am an entreprenuer, and I've always had this feeling that my future is a bright one.

We all need motivation to get to our goals, that's the only thing that drives us. Social pride, personal pride, the feeling of success, or infinite other reasons are what make us do things in life. My motivation is mostly the feeling of success coupled with the end rewards, and I'm sure thats the same for the majority of people. Owning a private island for myself is one of those end rewards I speak of. I consider a private island a personal sanctuary and a high, and we all are looking for that next high. I can't stand to live the way of traditional standards, so for someone with specific needs like me, only extraordinary solutions will work.

For the price of an exotic sports car, you can own a piece of pristine solitude. Expensive to the average person? Yes. But only barely. Retirement savings of the average person could cover the cost of purchasing a smaller island, and then some. How many wealthy people are there in Los Angeles alone? My point is - it is an attainable goal to anyone with the desire, and that's me. Go to to check a few out. They are amazing and so surreal.


Uploaded 06/15/2008
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