prize claim gone wrong

So, I finally earned enough points to claim a prize from the wonderful EBW prize list...I know that im not patient enough to save enough points to receive a 360 or a bose speaker system, so I decided to go for GTA for 360...well, this was my first time claiming a prize...i went through the steps and when it came time to enter my address and information, I accidentially (sp?) submitted incomplete information.  Therefore, my address was not submitted to EBW staff for the prize claim.  There was no place to re-enter the information and my EBW points reflected the loss of points to claim the prize...What the fuck!!!  i emailed EBW staff and BUG with my correct information and have not heard back from them...Im sure that they received the emails, but are just too busy to respond...fuck that...dont make me show up to your house BUG... I think that my video game will not be sent to it's rightful owner....

Has this happened to anyone else??  How did you handle it?? 

On a separate note... Bluenote, portolet, johnny bax, eastside dave, ellimem, and others who have interesting things to blog... keep on rockin....

Uploaded 09/29/2008
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