Pro Choice. Does it really exist?

The term "Pro Choice" is usually used to distinguish a woman's right to choose abortion. Now, aside from the complications of rape or a threat to her own life, does a pregnant women really get to decide what is best for her in today's culture and society?  Considering the complications of raising children in a modern society, being a single mother, low paying jobs and a society that tends to lean to dysfunctional families, what kind of choice does a woman have when she gets pregnant? 

My thought is women are not capable of determining the fate of their unborn, because they are subjected to whatever pressures dictate their own comfort and survival. For example, social programs that allow young girls to live on their own without contributing to society would be an extremely powerful force in a lazy girl's decision making process. They will want the baby, because it will allow them the benefit of long term welfare.

On the other hand, women with some ambition or self respect, who feel a responsibility to contribute to society will abort the child in order to fulfil her own ideals. In order to carry out her plans the foetus must be destroyed. Sure, the decision is hers, but it is her only one, as she might mistakenly or more conveniently perceive it. Not much choice there.

Then there is the picture perfect family, good income, well educated, perfectly balanced and budgeted lifestyle. But OOPS! A little beggar comes along and in order to maintain their lifestyle, "It must Die". What other choice does the happy family have, especially since it's so easy, convenient and "My Choice"! A well paved road enjoys a heavier traffic load.

Women should be able to determine what is best for them, I could never argue against that, but it is disturbing to me as I watch them being corralled into distinctive situations to which they have little self determination and morality must be forsaken in order to fulfil immediate needs.   

That's my opinion and I know you don't give a shit!

Uploaded 11/06/2012
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