Problems at Home

Are you having problems at home? Did your spouse forget to load the dishwasher or come home late two nights in a row? I get it. You're pissed, but please if you care for your relationship don't vent on Ebaums World.

It's not that I don't want to read about it or believe no one else does. There's something twisted about Ebaums users. Something that draws them to face plants and crotch shots and fat people dancing. It makes them feel better about themselves. Your story validates the fact that they are doing better than you. But that's the problem...are they really doing better than you? Is your relationship really that bad?

The problem with venting about your relationship in the blogosphere is that the people reading your blog don't usually know the true dynamic of your relationship. Admit it. Most of the blogs people write are venting. When was the last time you wrote a blog called "My husband did the laundry today." When people are angry they have a tendency to turn "sometimes" into "always" or "never."  So then you get a bunch of uninformed replies like, "Sounds like you're marriage is on the rocks" and "Just Leave" and of course the poster who is obviously overcompensating for a small penis saying somthing like "I'll make you forget about your problems with my GIANT COCK" None of the advice you get here will be good advice.

Are you looking for validation that you can leave? If so you came to the right place, but it's my observation that most people just want to bitch and get it of their chest. THAT'S WHAT YOUR HUSBAND IS FOR! The minute you take the problems in the relationship outside the walls of the home you've started down a slippery slope that usually has a very nasty end.

Maybe I'm full of it...Tell me what you think



Uploaded 07/12/2008
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