Problems In Wal-Mart

Heres a list of things that I hate seeing when I'm in Wal-Mart:

1. Wal-Mart Greeters- it is rare that anyone is actually ever greeted by the wal mart "greeter".  They usually try to avoid eye contact at all costs. I say they should get fired for not doing their job. If the stockers weren't stocking shelves they would get fired.

2. Fat People- I dont know what the deal is but the average weight of the people i see in the wal mart in my town is probably around 300 lbs. That shit disgusts me. I once saw a fat bitch (350 lbs. at the least) park in handicapped parking. She walked to the entrance, a distance of about 50 feet or so, and had to sit down cuz she was so out of breath.  I say wal mart makes a "Fat Parking" area in the furthest part of the lot so the overweights can get a little exercise.

3. Kids on Leashes- Seriously, if your kid needs to be on a leash, dont take them into places like that.  Its an embarassment to you and your child. In school kids will treat them like a pet or something.  You could at least buy them a kennel and keep them out in the back of the truck or something.  The sign in the front says no pets anyways.

4. People in the 10 items or less line with like 60 items-  can they not read the damn sign? that line is there so people dont have to deal with assholes like them that buy that much shit at once. come on...

5. Gay guys looking at condoms together- come on, booty doodlin' doesnt get anyone pregnant you homos. at least wait till like 3 in the morning when there isnt as many people in there so no one has to walk in and get bad images.

6. Mentally handicapped people that need to be wrestled down- if the mental patients need to be wrestled down in the middle of the store to be kept under control then i dont think that they need to be in there.  The least you could do is transport them around like they do for Hannibal Lector.

7.  20 Checkout Lines- Walmart has like 20 check out lines, but usually they only have 4 open: the cigarette line, the 20 items or less line, and 2 normal lines.  The only time they ever have all of them or most of them open is on Christmas Eve.  It pisses me off when i gotta be behind 10 people when all i come in to buy is deodorant. I would go to the 10 items or less but that one is explained in number 4 above.

8. Reshelving- OK i found this one out today. If you ever go in to walmart to buy meat or something like that that is supposed to be kept cold, always get it toward the back or from the bottom of the case.  I was in line in the returns department, someone i guess didnt have enough money to buy a cart full of groceries, like meats and other frozen foods, so they left and a worker pushed it into returns. I came back later than evening to get something else and the cart was still sitting in there. Im not for sure, but i bet they put the stuff back where it was on the shelves or put it in the storage freezer until it froze again. That shits gross.

The list goes on and on my friends. There will be more to come. Share your hates of wal mart as well and ill add em to my blog.

sincerely,  ECSK8PK

Uploaded 10/24/2008
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