Project Gunrunner, USA

This is some pretty crazy shit. The ATF knowingly allowed thousands of guns into Mexico so that after crimes have been committed they could, hopefully arrest large cartels? AK47's, fifty caliber automatic weapons at discount prices. When gun shop owners refused to sell them and reported it to the ATF, the ATF told them to sell them. The ATF would record them, tell the guards at the border to let them through.

Great way to cut down on the amount of Mexicans in the world, if that's what you like. Some Agents noticed how increasing supplies of automatic weapons to drug dealers actually increased the murder rates in Mexico. Fuckin' brilliant! So these agents complained and now their careers are in jeopardy. Oh, and another "unfortunate" event, a border guard was killed by one or more of the very guns that were purposefully allowed to cross the border.

This has implications at least to Eric Holder the Attorney general, the guy that "fictionally" wrote about ways to depopulate the world, and maybe to Osama Bin Bama as they try to kill the second amendment. So lets prove guns are dangerous by letting a bunch of psychopaths use them in a lawless territory. Then we will say, "see they are dangerous" and take them away from law abiding citizens. Bunch of fucking ASSHOLES!

This shit pisses me off!

Uploaded 03/29/2011
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