Proof Depopulation Exists

What is depopulationism? Hey a new word, most excellent! To me it simply means to reduce a population. It could be cockroaches, rats, fleas etc., but lets focus on how it relates to humans.

The concept of population control can be traced back to at least ancient Greece, where when a child was born, if after inspection it failed as a perfect specimen, it was thrown off a cliff into the ocean. The idea, was that the Greek person must be kept stronger and smarter than the slaves that served them or they would be over run. They probably knocked off a few slaves if felt threatened, I imagine?

Population control can be observed on a micro or macro scale. Starting with micro, we can observe even today how African tribes when faced with famine often accuse old people and children of  being witches. Of course, they kill them so that more food is available. Still quite common today and this behaviour has even spilled over into America at some Pentecostal churches. 

On a semi macro scale, (I'm not sure of the numbers and this in no way suggest their suffering is of lower importance) we can point to the conspiracy to annihilate the American Indian so that Europeans could settle safely in America.  

On the macro scale, there was the holocaust which was the result of a full blown conspiracy by the Nazi's, lead by Time's Magazine Man of the Year, two years running Adolph Hitler. Then there was the population control conspiracy that starved approximately 60,000,000 Soviet citizens under Stalin's Regime. Soon after that Mao Tse Tung got into the action and killed approximately 100,000,000 people, ( hard to know the exact number, but it was more than Stalin's depopulation agenda)  using   government policy and the muscle of the Red Army to enforce it.  Even today, you will find liberals who regard Mao as a genius strategist.  

Of course, our concern is for today. Is there a depopulation conspiracy occurring at this time. I would answer that with a complete, "Yes"!  

First let me point out a conspiracy doesn't necessarily have to be sinister, hidden or openly communicated. It could be well meaning, overt and understood by people in authority. Unfortunately, it is regarded as the former, so that any attempt by a concerned citizen to point out observed discrepancies in logistic behaviour results in ridicule. 

Margaret Sanger was an American citizen who coined the term, "Birth control". She was the founder of Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood supports the idea of birth control and easily acquired abortions. From my readings about Sanger, I think her dream world consisted of three buildings being built in every under privileged neighbourhood. A liquor store built next to a gun shop being built next door to an abortion clinic. But this is my own assessment and not part of the argument. 

Is Planned Parenthood part of some conspiracy to control population? Of course, it's uncontroversial. That is exactly what they are doing. In some cases, like rape, I'll even begrudgingly agree with their service.  

Recently, Obama passed a mandate that every citizen or woman, (I'm not sure if that includes vasectomies) should have birth control coverage. Is this a concerted effort that would reduce population? I don't see why not. 

The above examples do have the effect of reducing population. They were definitely put into motion by a group of people with similar ideologies and the concept of providing safe birth control is understood by most people. Conspiracy by consensus perhaps?

When most people think of conspiracy theories, they tend to point to leaders of government, banking and industry, basically the elite Can we find examples of depopulation conspiracies amongst more current leaders in today's world? Absolutely, lets start with the former leader of Iraq,  Saddam Hussein who purchased chemical weapons from the USA to kill thousands of Kurds. Or lets us consider how American and other nation's contractors helped in diverting essential waters from the marsh peoples of southern Iraq.  Is a  nudge nudge or a wink wink an indication of a conspiracy to allow for the depopulation of a environmentally sensitive people? I vote yes!

Does the enveloping of the Homs region in Syria by the Syrian army indicate a conspiratorial action  by the government to totally annihilate those dissidents that live there?  Does the silence of the media in this "Depopulation" indicate any possibility that a no hear, no see, no talk policy is in any way conspiratorial?  Oh I know, it's because the media has been refused entry into Syria and to suggest that alone, indicates a conspiracy would be well, "A conspiracy theory" and therefore not real.

There are many examples of leaders conspiring to kill off large portions of their populations around the World in order to hold on to power.  These are not pulled out of your ass conspiracy theories, they are historical facts that are occurring in real time as you peacefully sleep upon your pillow. 

There are more subversive ways populations are controlled. They are more humane, less understood, less recognized and more time reliant. They are planned, controlled and manipulated by the powers that be. Yes there are conspiracies to control populations, they need not be sinister, or some evil plan by people who hide in the shadows, they can be as obvious as birth control pills or as violent and destructive as cluster bombs. 


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