Proof of existence..............

As a guy of christian beliefs I am very aware of all the doubting Thomas characters out there and it bothers me at times when people call me weak or simple minded because of my beliefs. Well doubters I have seen the proof and just as I knew, God does exist and for all of you who still dont believe me just check your news channels and you will see this lady who under no visible tricks up her sleeve was frying up Salami and there written on the bottom of three separate pieces were the letters G and O and wait for it, yes you guessed it a letter D. Now if you back up you can plainly see it spells GOD so take that all of people who so often have called me names. God is here and if you purchase the right cold cut you too can talk to my saviour.  OK I get it, is it any wonder us believers in God are picked on? This blog will probably get me in trouble with the Christian right/left sorry I cant keep track (nor do I want to) but regardless of this simple slight of cold cut lets give the woman some credit at least she spelled GOD correctly. Just for the record here is how I know this is just a trick/coincidence because when GOD wants to talk to you or appear before anyone there will be no trouble because something tells me we will all know regardless of how hungry we are.


Thank you for reading Bohank

Uploaded 05/06/2009
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