Proof That Ron Paul Supporters Are Idiots?

Recently I wrote an incredibly thought-provoking blog where I laid out the truths and facts about Ron Paul's propaganda. I wasn't surprised at the reactions from his supporters, more specifically their replies showing their lacks in education and proving that the average Ron Paul voter is a dim wit that doesn't know the difference between 'your' and 'you're' and lacks basic writing skills.

The replies I got from people who agreed with me were usually very long comments, where they applauded my impeccable logic and added to the arguments for Ron Paul being an ignorant manipulator trying to get more votes from the scum - supporting the greedy sheep that think it's THEIR money that goes to support the army and the druggies that want pot legalised. The replies defending Paul... were usually something resembling a drunk's rumbling. It's obvious who's the target voter for Ron Paul, you can go by his promises to learn that:

legalise drugs (marijuana) - the people who want it are druggies, addicted to pot. They want it to be more available because they are lazy. They want to buy it in supermarkets. The people who smoke pot are usually teen agers with no perspectives. If you're of voting age and smoke pot, it most probably means you're either an unemployed loser or a drug dealer

let small criminals out of prisons - Mister Paul thinks America pays too much money on the prison system and that too many people went too prison. Why do we have to pay for their incarceration from our tax money, when we can let off the drug dealer that sold crack to the 13 year old boy with a warning? It wasn't his fault the kid died. Where were his parents when he sold him drugs? Ron Paul being elected means more money to Americans and more criminals out of the prisons. Rapists and thieves will surely vote for Ron Paul, since he promised them they'll be out and in your neighborhood soon

take the troops out of Iraq/other arab lands - why do you have to pay trillions of dollars for war? Maybe because America can help stop criminal tyrants and terrorists. No, that's a waste of money for Ron Paul. Hippies will surely be happy to vote for him. At least before some Iraqi terrorist blows up their friends

What are the arguments in the comments? Usually babble like "Wow, you don't understand anything" or "your so stupid" (it's *you're, by the way). Other popular replies were "Ron Paul 2012" or "you wouldn't understand if I told you what Ron Paul is about." Of course I wouldn't understand if you told me what he's about because his election program is gibberish. Most of his voters don't know what he's about. They follow him like mindless drones because he promised them legalisation of drugs and other utopian ideas. One of the few arguments his supporters use is that Holland legalised marijuana and it's a rich country. It's also the country with the most teenage prostitutes and with red light districts in every city. Great example. I guess America of the 21st century is not the home of the free, but home of the whores and drug users?

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