Proof, Truth, Science and Religion

What do proof, Science and Religion have in common? They are all looking for the truth and always will, with none of them ever being to attain it as long as they require one of the other two elements. As physicist Kurt Godel points out with his mathematical statements that "Proof" will always be the weaker concept than true. 

The second part of Godel's incompleteness theorems  states that no consistent system can prove its own consistency, meaning that no sane mind can prove its own sanity. Also, since that same law states that any system able to prove its consistency to itself must be inconsistent, any mind that believes it can prove its own sanity is, therefore, insane. 

There has been some heated debate lately on religion and atheism with insults being hurled at each other, accomplishing nothing and proving to be only a destructible force. Like the Physicists points out, proving your consistency, be it as an atheist, Christian, or anything else would therefore make you insane. It simply cannot be done.

The main conclusion of Gödels incompleteness theorems is that all logical systems will have statements that cannot be proven or disproven; therefore, all logical systems must be incomplete.  So therefore truth is always just outside our grasp, if proof is required. I'm sure there is a very good reason for this. 

Personally, being a spiritual type person and believing consciousness plays a large part in physics.It might have something to do with black string theory.The most interesting thing about it is that, using current models, the final black hole is a naked singularity. That is, it has no event horizon surrounding it. This violates the Cosmic Censorship Hypothesis, which says that all singularities must be surrounded by an event horizon, in order to avoid the time-travel effects that are believed to happen near a singularity from changing the history of the entire universe, as they can never escape from behind an event horizon. Basically, undesirable shit would happen. Now, I realize my connection between consciousness and the universe is probably bizarre to most people, but I do believe it will be found one day.

I don't know if many here are aware of incorrupt corpses. Basically, they are human remains that for no known scientific reason don't rot and disintegrate. These are not mummies or  people who have died in extremely dry and salty climates. They are bodies that simply do not rot and turn to dust. Many of these bodies were exhumed after many years, some several times and while the bodies around them disintegrate, the incorrupt corpses didn't for no known scientific reason. 

The odd thing here is, as far as I have been able to ascertain, is that all these corpses were of a religious nature. In fact, in the Catholic  Church it was a requirement for beatification until recent history, because discoveries of other religious incorruptibles of other faiths were being discovered. So I guess, the Catholic Church, since they no longer cornered the market on inncorruptables removed the requirement? 

Another odd thing the Catholic Church did, since there were not enough incorrupt corpses to go to every church, (every church requires a holy relic to be placed in the alter) they cut up some of the bodies and sent a finger here and a heart over there, etc... The body parts have not decayed and no scientific explanation is available. Just imagine inside of every church, there is a piece of a person who will not decay in  a scientifically explained fashion. This is not to say, that they will never decay, in fact some have to a greater extent than others, but the why is simply not known.

Anyhow, I've included pictures of the  most famous ones. All these corpses have been examined by secularist scientists, doctors and researchers, it is not a hoax. 

bernprof-tm.jpgSt Bernadette of Lourdes died 1879

johnvianney-tm.jpgSt John Vianney   Died 1859

stteresamargaretbody-tm.jpgSt Teresa Margaret died 1770

depaul4-tm.jpgSt Vincent de Paul  died 1660

silvan1-tm.jpgSt Silvan died circa 350

guiliani-tm.jpgSt Veronica Giuliani died 1727 

lucca.san-frediano17-tm.jpgSt Zita died 1272

0817-3-the-tomb-of-st-john-bosco-b-tm.jpSt John Bosco died 1888

picture295-1-tm.jpgBlessed Pope Pius IX died 1878

popejohnxiiitomb-tm.jpgPope John XXIII died 1963



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