PSU Halloween part 2 the next year

For a second year in a row, mad heads from back home came down to party on Halloween at PSU. The first was a surprise; I walked home from class to find the JBOMB lying on my bed. I knew that this was going to be a great Halloween. We started boozing and waiting for others to arrive. We boozed hard waiting. About two hours later the buffalo crew arrived, queef, 50, and hatorad. The King along with fries was going to be late comers so we went out without them. We pregame hard at the mayors house until it was time to make that move downtown. We went out around 11pm pretty hammered but not reckless. We met up with a couple of the mayors Turkish girl friends and went to the frat house as usual for Halloween. The frat was extremely full and we had to g our way to get inside. Were pretty smart and we all snuck in from the side door. Once inside the party was popping we were fucking dancing on tables raging hard, drinking singing, dancing, hooking up with random girls pissing on the dance floor we were taking over. After about an hour of raging the crew all got up on the table started dancing, taking over. Next we saw smoke or fog coming up from under the table, we all thought wow this party cant get much better. Next thing you know we couldnt breathe or see. The frat gassed everyone in order to kick people out of the party. We couldnt believe it they threw tear gas at their own party crazy fucking guys. We all go outside. Finally Im talking to some girl, when I see JBOMB and 50 kicking the shit out of someone, I walked towards them and right before I was able to land a punch 50 knocked this kid over and JBOMB kicked him right in the face. Wow Im friends with animals. Till this day we have no idea why we fought or what the kid looks like after the kick but hopefully his hospital bill wasnt too high. Happy Halloween.

Uploaded 11/02/2011
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