Public Service Announcement - Boobs

This is a PSA by Kitty.  Today's topic is boobs.  The majority of people on this site are male.  The majority of them like females.  The majority of them like boobs.  The majority of them would grab a boob any chance they got if they knew they weren't going to get punched in the face or kicked in the balls for it. 

So, you want to grab a boob AND do something good for the woman at the same time?  Be the one to give her a monthly breast exam.  I'm dead serious about this.  Most women tend to forget to do their monthly exams to check for lumps for the possibility of breast cancer, because most of them do not think about grabbing boobs 20 hours a day.  Men, however, think about boobs a lot, and how many of you would NOT want to have free reign to fondle two breasts? 

So, feel up your woman.  Tell her what you're doing first, and she'll probably be happy to let you do it.  You grab her boobs far more than she does, so you'll be more likely to feel any changes- just make sure you do it when she's NOT on her period (hormonal changes not only make the breasts swollen and tender and not happy for groping, but it can also cause lumps that will give false alarms- halfway through her cycle is the best time). 

This is your PSA for today.  I know I'm two weeks early for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but who wouldn't like an excuse to rub a boobie as soon as they can? 

Squeeze a boob, save a life!  Save the tatas!!!

Uploaded 09/15/2008
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