Pull The Trigger

"PULL THE TRIGGER, MAN! FUCKIN DO HIM!" my homie lil blaze screamed at me. we had finally caught the muthafucka that had killed my baby sis, and beat the shit outta him. both eyes swollen shut, his nose was obliterated, a good ammount of teeth lay accross the concrete like pebbles. tears streamed out of the swollen mounds of flesh and gore that used to be his eyes as i held the gun to his head. this wasn't only about revenge for my baby sis, his set was slangin on our turf. "SHOW THIS BITCH AND ALL HIS BITCH HOMIES 3RD STREET AINT NO PUNKS!" i clicked the saftey of and saw he had pissed his pants. "please dont kill me it was an accident i swear. please!" i laughed. he was begging for his life, sitting in his own piss and blood, behind a Wal-Mart supercenter. pathetic. I had the power now, i had his life in MY hands. he stole my sisters life, now i would steal his. the report of the gun was deafening. hair and gore flew from the rear of his head as the bullet ravaged a path through his skull. his face contorted into a hideous grin, a death grin, and blood gushed like a faucet from his nose. brain and bone in a mixture of blood splatter against the wall behind him. he had staggered back from the blast and now his body falls lifelessly to the ground, back against the wall, into a sitting position.the air fills with the stench of shit. i pull the trigger again. this time what was once a face is now a bloody disgusting mash of meat and bone. i pull the trigger again and again and again. i had been screaming the whole time. blood splatters cover the front of my shirt, my jeans, my face. i have taken a life. i have killed. in the distance i can hear sirens, but i dont care anymore.......... 

Uploaded 12/11/2008
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