Punch a Hole

I'm addicted to piercings. They're really hot. Fuzz recently went with me so we could get a couple during his stay here, for my birthday. He ended up with a 16 g. barbell in his brow, while I got the nice nose stud I've been wanting for months.

When I wear makeup, like today, it gives off this rank smell. It's normal for a new piercing to do this during it's initial healing phase; the first 90 days since it was done. Yet since my latest one is in my nose, the natural healing process leaves a trace of stink every time I breathe in, which will intensify given the usual melting of foundation, time in the sun, and occasional skipping of saline spray. I'm addicted to that, too. Healing funk has its own particular allure when it comes to a nice metal stud situated on your face.

My mother pesters me when I tell her I'd like my eyebrow redone or a few extra in my ear. So I remind her my sister has a few dozen pink-inked unicorns going up both arms. And also that she herself sports a red woodpecker on her shoulder. "She knows how I feel about that, too", she says. Except I remind her again that there IS a difference. Metal can simply be taken out. Unless you're a total freak with 00 g. earplugs, you won't even know anything was there. Tats, on the other hand, can only be lasered off. You pay in more ways than one.

Plus, tats and piercings usually go hand-in-hand with one another, to the vast majority of people. I'm not one of them. I have no ink and couldn't possibly figure out anything I'd want, either. I'm just a woman of very particular tastes.

Uploaded 08/22/2012
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