Punched in the F-ing face!

Inspired by Tomlets ass kicking story. When I was 12 years old, I had just started the 6th grade in a new school. The summer just before that, I had an operation to my left hip for a bone problem. So long story short, I was on crutches for almost 3 months so when I started at my new school, everyone knew me as the new girl on crutches.


By late november I started walking again and the first snow came upon us the same week. So on that beautiful snowy morning, my friends and I were all exited to go outside for recess and make snowangels and shit. We were having a blast until this super tall, dare I say black, 5th grader came to us asking if Im the one who threw a snowball at him.


That guy was the stereotypical rapper badass boy, he was 5'11, just turned 11 years old and had horror movie eyes. I was trying to be confident, yet nice and told him we didnt throw any snowballs, we were just making snowmen and snowangels and shit. I also added that I would never try to piss off someone whos clearly stronger than me. For some reason that got him pissed. I dont think he believed us either.


He punched me right in the middle of my fucking face! my nose and mouth were bleeding. Luckily enough, my nose wasnt broken but my lip was open and bleeding like a motherfucker. Things got all weird and blurry for a few minutes. I remember my two friends sorta panicking and helping me stay on my feet and taking me to the principals office.


When we got there, the old bitch was typing on her computer and ignored us for almost 2 minutes(wich is long when your face hurts and your just a kid) before she looked at us and asked with the most innocent tone: What can I do for you girls?


I looked at her with lightening in my eyes and my 12 year old mouth spilled the words: Are you fucking with me you stupid bitch? Im bleeding from the face all over your desk so you should see whats wrong with me here. And how about giving me a damn tissue, the box is just over there behind you!


After lecturing me for my tone, she asked what happened, had me get fixed by the school nurse, called my mom and believe or not, made me go back in class. Everyone was staring at my swollen face. My teacher couldnt even get the kids attention. Thats when I told the guy sitting next to me to stop staring or take a picture because he was annoying me to no end. My teacher then told me thats the kind of attitude that got me in the very situation I was in. She made me extremely mad to say the least because she didnt even hear what happened.


I was excused to go meet the principal again when my mom got there and she told us that if the guy was pissed enough to punch me, I had to have done something to deserve it so we were declared both guilty and both suspended for a week. My mom couldnt believe it... I couldnt belive it...


We got home and at supper that night my stepdad joined the conversation about us moving to the suburbs. I never went back to that school and we moved a few weeks after. Thats when we got our first house and at the same time, our foster home for elderly handicapped people. But thats a whole other story.


Its egg-bacon-and-cheese sandwich time :P

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