punk ass bitchezz

Hey yall its ya gurl shemiqua hurr and i need to tell yall a little story about my lunch period today.

ok wellll I was chillin wit my friends at my table brushin off my shoulders like tha pimp i am when all of a sudden i hear "shemiqua yous a stupid head". I turned around and i seeded dis lil greazy azz white gurl snikerin nd shit wit her lil friends. I walked up to her And murked tha shit out of her. I was hittin her and all of a suddenshe started actin all wierd nd shit nd dis mutha fuckin nurse came over and was like dis bitch izz havin an auerism. I was like ohh shit i donn kilt dis bitch. Then dese fuckin cops came over and arrested me and took me to jail. I just got out tha can cuz reverend al sharpton was like yo dis gurl izz innocent.

Sooo that was my day yal, hit me up on tha space or whateva cuz shemonte aint comin ova till lata.

buh bye frum yo girl

Uploaded 09/07/2008
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