Put The Windows Up Im Frozze!

I have a problem and Im shure that there are a few people who have this exact same one.I have a friend who has a car , a nice car , 2006 Impala. Really nice car , all leather interior , sweet sound system, pleanty of room to take all of us for a drive, all kinds of added features and not a dent, ding , scratch or scuff to be seen on it anywhere.

But thats not my problem.

My problem is the way he drives. Not that he is a crazzy or bad driver , but he is one of these people who has to have his window open ALL THE TIME, and of course Im the poor bastard who has to sit in the back seat for every trip, becasue we let the biggest guy in the group have shotgun. Not because hes bigger and stronger than us , just so he dosent hog up all the room in the back seat.

Having his window open wouldent be soo bad if it werent for the fact that he has it open even if the skys part and the missery of rain, snow , sleet , or hail come falling from the heavens in bucketfulls. So that leaves me and the rest of my friends in the back soaking wet or freezing cold for a long and shitty drive. I mean its all good for him, he's in the front sucking back the fresh, crisp air while staying at a toasty warm temperature because he has the damned heat up on CREMATE, and of course none of that heat reaches us in the back becasue the cold wind from the window is condensating in the back seat and leaving us in a pneumonia inducing fog.

So all of us are back there shivering on every inch of skin from the tips of our toes to the tops of our heads and sporting a beautiful pair of Snot-Sickels that have dripped down our faces and wrapped to the back of our necks from the wind comming in from the opened window as he does A-Buck-20 ($1.20-120kph) in a 50 zone. Oh and god forbid you should ask him to roll up his window because on the off chance that he dosent have the sound system up on a level that would bust all eardrums in a 50 mile radius, he would only say " Well shit man, its hot as hell up here". OF COURSE IT IS YOU DOPE , the heat knob only goes to 10 you have the knob broken and have it resting on a drawn in 11.

So this blog (if it ever makes it to the site) is for all those people who do this exact same thing. PLEASE have some compassion for your buddies in the back becasue if they get the flu, the next ride you take , the're going to be sneezing all over the back of your inconsiderate head.

If you like this blog then search JC Unit on and look for the title "Put The window z'up" its a song by a friend of mine that explains in song this verry blog.

Uploaded 08/22/2008
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