Putting an end to the Hood

I'm not so arrogant to think I could solve the problem of the "Hood", but Heisen challenged me as a way to support his belief in the welfare system. The hood was created out of the welfare system. The idea of free money being acceptable, soon endorsed gangsterism, drug dealing and corruption and any idea of easy money. No society founded on those principles will do very well. How it was ever conceived to be humanitarian is beyond me. It's more like fattening the pigs with my slop, so I can eat them later. 

I just want to put aside the argument of helping people with real problems and barriers to opportunity as not deserving of financial aid. Of course, they need help, for to ignore the problem will only make matters worse. I will only address those of able body and mind, who use welfare as a way of life. This way of life strikes two ways, first by wasting resources and second wasting a potential contributor to our society. It is not in the best interest of the welfare recipient to be on welfare if there is no real need other than shear laziness.

There is of course the problem of barriers to opportunity. While this problem exists, try to take it back to our forefathers and offer it up as an excuse. Barriers are to be overcome and it is those who are directly faced with it, the ones who must deal with it, not some disconnected bureaucrat thousands of miles away with political agendas that do not actually deal with the problem.

So what's the solution? Unfortunately, in reality due to the socio-political situation, it can only be a total collapse and when the dust settles, a rebuilding will take place, remembering the lessons we have learned from this experiment. Sure, government can try and  sustain it through continuous borrowing and printing of money, but, with all due respect, you have to know it will fall in on it's self. There is one other way to sustain it beyond the current breaking point and that is to take wealth from other countries in an aggressive manner. What the outcome of that will be, is anyone's guess.

If I had my hands on the levers of power and actually had the opportunity to communicate my ideas articulately, I would turn this train wreck around in a different direction. That will never happen, but it's fun to consider it. The epicentre of my policies would involve education. Education, like the Church should not be tied to government control, due to political conflicts. The systems of education must come from a local organization that can compete with other districts. If one district is too poor, it must appeal to others for assistance and be answerable to them. We actually, do something like this between schools in Ottawa and it's very effective.

Legalize drugs and stop sending people to jail for smoking pot. It's so ineffective it's beyond me why people put up with it. Now, if you catch a person who sells drugs that are full of dangerous contaminants, like in coke or heroin, then throw away the key. Pure heroin has no harmful affects and could help a lot of people. 

Make having children out of wedlock or committed relationship a shameful activity, just like drinking and driving. Most of the problem children come from broken homes or are fatherless. Then the young girls grow up with daddy issues getting pregnant for the dole and the young men don't feel they have any responsibility. 

Put time limits on social programs and give incentives for those to opt out. Let the people decide if they want the government securing their future or a private plan. 

If after a generation or two of this doesn't fix it and you still have some hard cases, drop them off in secluded areas with the provisions they will need to survive. They could be asked to form organizations within themselves beforehand. It worked for Australia. 

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