Q and A for Atheism Gallery Whiners.

Anyone who's created any media regarding the subject of atheism/agnosticism knows you're going to get some ridiculous complaints and arguments. Probably the most amusing I've seen on my Atheism and Religion galleries is how horrible it is someone can post media comparing barbarism, bigotry, homophobia, misogyny, corruption, and false science with religion, the Bible, faith-based cultures, and the almighty power of some God.

Therefore, in order to quell some of the more common fallacies these thick-skulled individuals think poses a real hitch in our enjoyment, I've made a reference for them to consult for answers to their dumbest questions and concerns:

Why is there GAY PROPAGANDA on an atheism/religion gallery?/What does homosexuality have to do with atheism/religion?

I usually view these stupid questions as a means of childish projection, a psychological term for those who attribute their own problems, failures, and hangups as belonging instead to a person referencing or addressing such issues head-on.

The idea is that if they have to ask, it gives the false impression I'm the one making homosexual rights an issue, not them or the religious right. If anyone thinks they sound smart and unbiased by innocently asking what it has to do with religion, I know it's because they're one of these degenerate, depraved bigots I'm talking about. Of course, everyone knows the gay rights issue didn't stem from some gallery on Ebaumsworld.

Outrageous injustices against gays are thanks to a large group of religious freaks trying to inject their values into others' pants. Therefore, homosexuality, gay marriage, and citizens having to fight vehemently for rights in the year 2012 is directly a result of problems thrown at them by people with no better excuse than the God argument.

I've never heard an argument against the gays/gay marriage issue that was grounded in logic, common sense, fact, or evidence - just God, the Bible, religion, or a garbled bunch of pseudo-sociological/scientific crap uttered by those desperately trying to avoid the terms "God" and "Bible" so they won't be immediately disregarded.

The only possible alternative in an anti-gay rights argument is the simple fact someone's grossed out by it. This would mean they're just plain naive and closed up when it comes to human sexuality. For some reason, I actually think this is the case for a lot of people, especially those who argue religion has nothing to do with their views. But since these pussies don't want everyone to know they're unlearned or plain afraid of sex, the Bible argument is a safer bet for them.

Basically, homosexuality and the restriction of rights to those deemed second-class citizens based on any of this is directly relevant to peoples' religious and/or bigoted views. You're an idiot if you don't see the obvious correlation between the gay argument and religion. Especially after you sought out such galleries to peruse in the first place.


This is just a bunch of dumb quotes by politically biased people.

Just fyi, the "politically biased" these people are referencing include Darwin, Dawkins, Sagan, Hitchens, deGrasse Tyson, Hawking, Minchin, and others of the like. Non-political pillars of modern science. Astrophysicists, authors, mathematicians, and analysts whose work and legacy is frankly, far beyond the league of those who make shit comments like these, as well as other such stupid claims.

If Gods among men existed, they would be these individuals. They are the peak minds which represent the human potential. Their lives are dedicated to fact-finding and the exploration and understanding of all our reality has to offer. They are not based in anything political, religious, social, or monetary in interest. If they did show up on political shows or news stations to state one opinion or another, it's an educated opinion based on concepts that go beyond what some pea-brain can comprehend (and yes, that's literally speaking - most of these guys have IQ's a minimum of 50 points higher than yours).

Religious views are just as viable as scientific ones/Scientists are corrupted if they don't take in all possibilities which include the Bible and God.

Except they're not viable views. And let's be honest. You see the scientific community as corrupted when they lay waste to those (your) non-viable views. Religion is specifically based in faith and millenia-old texts. Science uses a strict method of proving or disproving a hypothesis through rigorous testing, the likes of which can take lifetimes. It is a very recent development of fact-finding that has no tie, whatsoever, to your religion.

Repeatedly through history, science has lessened the validity of your dogma through this process, which is the exact reason you enjoy the fruits of such labor in scientific advancement every day of your life. The more that is discovered, the more over 90% of these professionals agree: your stories and rules are outmoded and plain false. The search for truth goes on, and it is not in your book.

We get that people like you would ultimately like to believe that your tenants are THE tenants, but the problem is in pushing that idea. Unfortunately, it plain doesn't mean dick outside your own personal world. So stop it. Also, stop trying to sound scientific in your pro-religious arguments, too. You're already admitting your beliefs are lame when you do this.


This (super-collider/equation/theory/method/etc.) is not true. This (scientist/professor/astrophysicist) is wrong because (blah blah blah).

Get something straight right off the bat:

You're not going to match up in wits, education, IQ, or theory to the likes of any scientist/genius/professional featured in any of my, or others', galleries.

The most you can hope for is catching a typo in text or wanting some clearer interpretation on what they were referencing. You probably couldn't understand the workings of a super-collider or figure out a major differential equation if you tried. And no, taking an intro calculus or physics course doesn't put you on par with Tyson or Hawking, either. Like I've said, you dictating to others on this shit is like Kirk Cameron challenging Darwin or Pasteur. Don't even waste your time.

"Atheism and Religion" is not the right title for your gallery. It's biased/false/wrong/foolish/pussy/etc.

All posts within my galleries fall under the category of atheism, religion, and how they pertain to one another. The title isn't just appropriate, it's more apt than you want to let on. If it makes you feel all funny inside because the quotes make too much sense, the result of religious violence via photography is a bit too real, or your personal heroes and representatives suddenly look too evil or stupid, then I've done my job.

My galleries have far more fans than detractors, and the latter isn't going to change the way I do business here. I'd say skip them over and find some grand quotes for a pro-religious/degenerate/homophobic stance, but we both know those don't do very well. But that shouldn't matter to you - why are you busy on my gallery, anyway? If you want to prove an argument, stop being a pussy and start posting. You'll get plenty of people to engage you...


That is all.
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