Quanell X, and Jesse Jackson are racist

Ok, I know some of you guys are probably like "Uhhh, Poopy... who the fuck is Quanell X?" Well, let me spell out the whole situation for you first.

You guys should all go to youtube and search for "Quanell X Joe Horn" and youll get a bunch of videos that you guys can watch at your leisure... maybe then youll all be able to make your own judgments about this asshole. In fact, I urge you all to watch some of those videos, and then comment on here what you think about what Im about to say. 

  So here's the deal... this is a true story, obviously.  A couple years ago, a guy named Joe Horn was at his house, when he saw 2 black guys breaking in to his neighbor's house.  Joe Horn (who happened to be white), called 911 and asked them to send out the police.  While he was on the phone with the 911 operator, he told them he had his gun and that he was going to shoot the 2 black robbers.  Despite the fact that the 911 operator told him not to, Joe Horn ended up shooting, and killing, both of these black robbers.  It was later ruled that Joe Horn would not be punished, because it was determined he was acting in self-defense, and was within his right to shoot the robbers that were on his property.   

Now, thats not what this blog is all about.  You can argue whether or not Joe Horn is a cold-blooded murderer, or a good neighbor... but theres more to this story than just that.  

Anyways, this guy, Quanell X, is apparently some black rights activist, and he decided to gather a small group of black people, and protest down Joe Horn's street to protest the fact that Joe Horn killed these men in cold blood, and should be punished  (probably something that Jesse Jackson would be proud of as well, right?)  During this protest, Quanell X declared that Joe Horn was racist, and saw the opportunity to kill 2 black men, and took it. Quanell X also claimed that he was protesting this because Joe Horn acted as "Judge, jury, and executioner, and didnt give these 2 men the proper chance at a trial they deserved."  

Now heres the good part.  In those videos on youtube, you can actually see Quanell X's small gang gets driven out of the neighborhood by HUNDREDS of fellow neighbors that supported Joe Horns actions!  This actually made me feel good... not because they were driving out a bunch of black people, but they were driving out a bunch of racist bigots that had no idea what they were talking about.  later, Quanell X commented that the entire community was racist, and did this simply because they were black.  


Well, here is my argument... Quanell X... YOU ARE THE RACIST.  Wanna know why?

1) In the video, youll see that Quanell X and his gang are ALL black.  Clearly, if youre bringing only black people to fight for this cause, there is something racist about you.  

2)Quanell X would only protest like this to support black people that died.  Id bet my life savings and my left nut that if the 2 robbers that got killed were white, Quanell X would NEVER have showed up in the first place, and wouldnt have fought for the 2 men like he did because they were black. 


  Seriously... activists like this...  Quanell X, and Jesse Jackson, and other shitheads like that are racist pricks... and theyre doing all these hideous things under the guise of "fighting for equality."   Here's a thought for you... if you wanna fight for equality, how about you make a fuss whenever a white guy dies once in a while. 

I hear of black people brutally killing, raping, and robbing white people, and the likes of Quanell X and Jesse Jackson remain silent.  But the moment Kramer (that guy from Seinfeld) starts spouting the word ni99er, they both throw their hands up in the air, and make a fuss about how its such an abomination.  

These guys need to get their shit together...  


Im sorry... poop...  they need to get their poop together.


Edit: Heres a good video for you guys to start out with:

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