Question about Christianity

First off I just want to say this is the real pandafighter I left my account up and my roommateâs friend got on it and posted stuff on it without my knowledge. I was gone basically for two days, and what he posted on the comments was not my opinions, so sorry about that, Iâve changed my password and hopefully this wonât happen again.

                So now here is my question reading those atheist galleries and the satanic horse gallery I was wondering something when people brought up verses or quotes from the Old Testament, and the reply was that it was the old contract from God. I know Old Testament and the New Testament is the old and new contract between God. When brought up in disagreement you guys say well itâs old contract, but isnât it still the same God? In the Bible there are verses that say God is the same from old to new he (or it) didnât change. So why is Old Testament somewhat off limits when discussing Christianity Isnât it part of Christianity? I donât want to say itâs the basis of todayâs bible, but didnât have a big part in shaping Christianity of todayâs time? Isnât the thing he said and has people do, came from that same very God? So, why discount something from the Old Testament, just because itâs the old contract? Iâm just trying to understand where youâre coming from when you Say itâs the old contract.

                Iâm just doing this because I think weâve taken the rational and civil discussions in the gallery as far as itâs going to get there. Hopefully this will be a better discussion place than arguing over pics and memes if their true or not.

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