Question about viewing ratings

I was bitching and pissing to volcomelement about my assertation that he has more than one account with which to advance his agenda.  That might be unwarrented slander on my part, but like I said, I was bitching and pissing.


He commented that multiple accounts would be impossible due to IP address issues (which I said was bullshit) and would cause all of the offending accounts to be deleted.

"Besides the site knows your ip address if they saw six accounts than they would have deleted them all"


One thing he said that I did find interesting was he said you can view who has rated a blog (when I suggested that he rates his own blogs 5 stars).

"Besides jackass you can just view who rated a blog"


I actually didn't know this and couldn't figure out how to do this myself.  I might bitch at and deride Volcomelement, but I do acknowledge that he is much more savvy about the use of ebaumsworld than I.  Can you, in fact, view who has been rating blogs?  Or was he relying on my ignorance and bullshitting me?

Uploaded 11/05/2009
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