So i was biking to school with my friend yesterday when i happened to glance behind me and notice a car approaching. Naturally i moved closer to the curb as to let the car pass. After I moved and my friend was beginning to move over, the car rear-ends him and sends him flying off the bike. I live in Canada and as you may now it is below freezing here and the driver did not bother to scrape any more than a small circle of ice off of the windshield. I stop as my friend slams to the pavement, and the driver jumps out the vehicle. As I am helping my friend to his feet (he was unharmed except for some road rash, it was on a residential street in a school zone where the posted speed limit is 40 Km/h) I realize it is the girl who sits in front of me in my first period class. She is incredibly frantic and out of her mind at the fact that she just struck my friend. She offers us a ride to school, so he takes my unharmed bike, and I drag his mangled wreck back to my place of abode. Upon reaching the house she is parked out front with the door opened ready to take us to school.

Here is the question:

Do i get her to suck me off first, or let my friend get first dibs?

Uploaded 12/06/2008
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