Questions for christians

In response to the blog "Questions for atheists" I submit this to all you christians. He said," I have atheists ask me, 'Where did God come from?'; 'Who created God?' Well, my answer is that he has always been here. If you can't accept that, then that's your problem." The naivete of this argument is obvious to any reasonable person. He asserts that he doesn't need to offer proof because he's simply correct and that's that, and then proceeds to demand proof to the contrary.

He then proceeds to ask questions, the answers to which he clearly believes can only be the machinations of God, yet which in fact should have been answered by his biology teacher before he finished junior high school (which leads me to question his age and thus his maturity). Well, I offer those very same questions back to all you christians to try and answer for us.

Keep in mind that if your answer to any of these questions is "God did it" then you are expected to provide evidence to support your answer. Otherwise, my response is "No, Peter Pan did it," and like you I'll offer no evidence of whether Peter Pan actually did it. Here they are:

1. Where did space come from? I'm not asking how did planets form or anything about the Big Bang Theory. I just want to know where space came from.

2. How did the first life form get here?

3. If there was a chance of life, why and how would it even happen?

4. How can life from non-life be possible?

5. Did we evolve from apes or apelike creatures?

5a. If we did evolve then how come we don't live with the "transitional form" creatures? I'm talking about the in between forms of man to ape or the apelike creature.

5b. What ever happened to the apelike creatures or the "transitional form" creatures?

6. How could a creature turn into a different creature?

6a. If a monkey mates with a monkey, wouldn't it just create another monkey? Even over millions of years, why would it change and how?

7. If a fish grew legs, how? If a fish turned into a lizard, how? If a lizard turned into a bird, how?

7a. If the first bird had a stub wing, why and how would it know to forcefully grow a full wing?

7b. If a fish turned into a lizard and lizard turned into a bird, then I have one question for you. Where did the tiger, goat, zebra, ant, wasp, eel, snake, deer, cat, jeckyl, wolf, bear, lion, worm, giraffe, buffalo, elephant, spider, duckbill platypus, bat, rat, turtle, pig, gopher, shark, whale, bee, mouse, octopus, etc come from?

8. I'll leave out his 8th question since it defeats itself. He takes the agnostic assertion that nothing is certain and nothing is absolute and twists it to the most literal possible sense, portraying us as though we nonsensically believe that the very air we breath, that this very blog I'm writing, is not absolute. In reality, agnosticism asserts that there are no SPIRITUAL absolutes, that no spiritual belief can be definitively proven or definitively disproven. To pose this self-defeating question back to you christians would be, well, self-defeating.


Here at the end he asserts that he's not forcing his beliefs on anyone, even though that is in fact exactly what he's doing by challenging us to provide supporting evidence to justify our own beliefs while offering none of his own in turn, and then promises to ignore anyone who "insults" him. Based on my experience dealing with his breed of believer, which is to say the "I'm enlightened and bound for heaven while you're lost in the dark but that's ok because my God loves you anyway" type, I presume he actually means to say he'll ignore anyone who disagrees with him. That's a common tactic of the blindly faithful when their beliefs are challenged.

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