Questions for the Partisans-Edited

Do most Americans hope that the party they do not favor puts in a nominee who sucks? Would Democrats want   Rick Santorum to win the GOP nomination? How do republicans feel about this?

 Do Americans look at the parties as sports teams? Do they get a laugh if the other team makes a bad trade? Or are they more cautious in case the other party wins? From watching each side talk I get a sense that they want the other side to be losers even at the expense of the country.

 OK, what I want to know is it possible that Democrats can pretend to be Republican delegates and infiltrate the voting so as to make sure the worse candidate gets in and vice versa?  This might explain why America is getting some lame ass leaders. Of course,  closet Democrats don't want Ron Paul running against Obama and God forbid Hillary, it would be embarrassing for the Democrats. What if closet Republicans infiltrated the Democratic party so they can put in Hillary?

Is it possible, due to tactics and strategy, that America is always given the choice between two of the lowest common denominators?  

Looks like the Democrats are trying trade in Obama for Hillary.  I don't know, but I'd really be worried if that psychopath became president.  

Uploaded 11/25/2011
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