Why does it seem to me, ecs. on this site, that people insist on hating on another person for personal goals that are positive that they have reached? Obstacles they have overcome? Trials and Tribulations?? Why do people insist on bringing someone else down to lift their own selfish spirits? No really? Before you make your comment about how lame I am and to Shut up, just let it sink in? Are you one of those people? Jealous of a co-worker? Jealous of a best friend? Or just blatanly a hater that thinks the world revolves around themselves? You hate on ppl that have a talent, and are making it in this world? Do you hate on your friends/family that changed a negative time in their lives to a positive? Just think about it, let it sink in before you make some judgemental comment about how big of a douche I am or whatever, because honestly I dont care what you think. I just want you to think about why you are so negative towards ppl who are making positive changes and bettering themselves. Wasting your time and energy on hating, when you can do something positive. Leave your neg. comments or your positive comments now....

*We are Alive for a moment, one second in the great abyss of time.

Uploaded 03/18/2009
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