oi, just curious as to whether or not everyone came back to this site?

sorry that its such a quick question

so i'll leave you with this.



It's late and you're driving home in your brand new car after catching some shitty movie at the 99 cent theater in town. It's a cold late autumn night, and as you top a small hill, your lights catch a figure on the side of the road. it's a man, walking along. he's wearing a light gray sweatsuit with a hoody, and his hands are in his pockets. his head is down and the hood is pulled over his head. He casually sticks his thumb out , so he obviously needs a ride. for whatever reason, you decide that it's cold and you could give this guy a ride into town. You pull over and flash your lights. He walks up to the window and says "Hey are you headed into Guthrie?" You are and you say so. The man pulls his hood down. He's what many would call handsome. It's dark but his skin seems a pleasant olive color. His hair is a light blonde and his eyes a striking blue color. They seem to glow, a sort of iridescent blue, like the color of peppermint scope that's been electrified. "Mind if I catch a ride then?" sure, you say, and as you are about to hit the door lock and tell him to jump in, he looks the car up and down and says "Wow, that's a really nice car". Something strikes you as not right. the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. He cracks a smile that seems to open too wide. his teeth seem to gleam in the darkness, and his eyes flash. He knows you know. That's the first thought that pops into your head. Know what though?"I said that's a really nice car mister" he says again, and out of the pockets of his sweater a rotted hand shoots. the flesh is pale and swollen, like it's been in the water for too long. You are frozen. the hand reaches across your body and grabs the keys. Another hand reaches for your face. The last thing you hear is yourself screaming "Oh god don't put it in my mouth no not there"The Alarm clock is buzzing. you're awake. man what a horrible dream. you still remember the feel of the cold wet flesh touching you. ew. The nightmare fades with your morning ritual. Coffe and eggs, hot shower, brush teeth. go to work.Later that day, your friend mike calls you at work. says there's a great show on at the discount theater. Midnight matinée, 99 cents. A Clockwork orange is showing. You arrange to meet Mike there tonight.After the show, you're heading home in your brand new car. You've seen that movie at least a dozen times, it never gets old. As you're topping a small hill, your headlights catch a figure on the side of the road. It's a man, walking. He's wearing a dark blue track suit with a white stripe and a hoody. The hood is pulled over his head, his hands are in his pockets. He sticks his thumb out when your lights hit him. It's a cold late autumn night...

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