R.I.P. my tummywalker

I, my friends of the EBW community, am in need of consoling. I have lost a good friend to death just yesterday. I took care of him since he was one year old. I would hold him and play with him. His name was E.T., he was my pet. He died a proud ball python at the ripe old age of 14. I loved him. I was the only one he would ever let touch him. He loved mice, they were his favorite food. He loved the hunt. He also never ate a valliant fighter.

He once was up against a mouse and he missed on his strike when the mouse jumped out of the way. the mouse bit deep into his tail. He struck true on the secont attempt, killed his foe then left him where he lie. This only happened twice, and both times he killed the mouse and refused to eat it.

Things like that were what made him unique. He was a good pet.

I burried him in a box with his log home. He loved the hell out of that thing. I know he is up in a better place with all the mice he can eat.

R.I.P my tummywalker

Uploaded 11/12/2008
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