R.I.P. Vancouver And I'm a running for President for G.O.P. nomi

Well, Vancouver looks like a street in Iraq. Yup, fuckers were burning shit, fucking in the streets, beating up bald guys, and a man died.


Now I'm not going to make fun of the Canadians, hockey is all they have. I love Canada, but this made them look stupid. I hope they learn to act live civilized people next time they lose.


Now on to my Republican Nomination.


My stances are the following :


1) Occupation of the Middle East must continue, God forbid we give those Arabs some freedom.

2) Kill all the muslims because God hates them. (Bill O'reilly)

3) Give weapons to a South American terrorist and Iranian terrorist orginazation and have them commit genocide against their own race (Reagan in Nicaragua, and Iran)

4) Assinate a democratically elected leader (Reagan in Chile)

5) Use Oliver Nort to ship cocaine to fund my coups in S America ( Reagan and Oliver Nort)

6) Remove all medi-care, medic-ade, vetran benifits since those are all social programs (Tea Party)

7) Give Iraq WMD's (Reagan, Rumsfeld and Saddam)

8) Kill Saddam then occupy Iraq with no reconstruction plan. (Bush)

9) Invade a country with false intel and never admitt I was wrong (Bush)

Since, Reagan was our very best, I shall use his tactics to become president!


This was brief, but, oh well.

Uploaded 06/17/2011
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