Racial stereotype bullshit

Why don't people understand that "Racial Stereotypes" are NOT just racist things                      "made up" by white people?

When I was with some friends last week, one of them was telling me how a 13 year old at her old school got pregnant, I asked her if the girl was mexican, and my friend said yes.                        My other friend got all pissed off saying shit like, "thats just a stereotype", "thats racist".              I said in response "Well if thats just a racist stereotype then why did that 13 year old Mexican girl just live up to it?" 

Stereotypes are based off of true fact, or daily observation.                                                      If people really want to "end all stereotypes" then how about instead of ignoring them, and calling anybody who mentions a stereotype a racist, Actually do something about it, like maybe educate people about not stealing killing and getting knocked up at 13.

My ipod, my second ipod, my cellphone, my laptop, and my DS, Were all stolen by black people.

If it is just a stereotype that black people steal, then why did all those people just live up to it?    That is not racist its simply proving that most of these "Racist Stereotypes" are based off of FACT, that most of them are in fact TRUE. 

Uploaded 06/03/2009
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