Racism on ebaums

Let me preface by saying that I'm a white heterosexual non-Jewish American male to avoid half the bullshit comments or pre-judgements I might get from this.

Why so many racist jokes in the comments?  They're not only cheap and almost always lacking ANY real wit or originality, but the hundreds of minorites who read them feel absolutely terrible and threatened after reading them and for what?  A cheap bullshit joke that rarely has any merit other than its harkening to a malevolent taboo.  They all basically boil down to the fucked up naughtiness of saying "nigger".  I honestly don't think people realize that thousands read their racist comments and of those, hundreds (the minorities who read them) go through the rest of their day feeling fucked up, paranoid and degraded, or at least have to fight feeling that it worth it?  Is this site some secret KKK platform I'm not aware of??

It's easy to say "toughen up, it's just a light-hearted joke"...but keep in mind that this site and the internet has no background context.  No one knows just how serious you are and if you're not a minority, you really have no idea what it's like to have to experience a racist comment.  Being Irish or Polish does not count in the slightest in this matter...

And for you hardcore racist idiots who have probably never lived outside of your state let alone country: do you know it's a scioentific fact that the genetic difference between races is about the same as between those who are lactose tolerant and lactose intolerant?  If you have an issue with a culture, say so while realizing you can never really understand a culture unless you've lived it, but melanin levels in your skin do not affect cognitive function or have a genetic effect on morality or personality.  To think otherwise is pure psuedoscience.

Also, if you consider that these kind of comments ARE harmful, realize that tons of thoughtless non-minority kids will read your "joke" and find some dumb way to repost it for a few thumbs up, thus spreading the harm.

I'm just saying, if you're going to make a joke, put some fucking thought into it and its repercussions, unless you really want to hurt the world.  Put the time into making an actually poignant joke...the more often you do it, the less effort it will take.

I'm sure I'll get a lot of backlash for this blog, but that's to be expected here where comments are impulsive and releasing anonymous angst, but if it has the chance to stop a few people from fucking up hundreds of other peoples' day through one omited comment, it's been worth it.

The rest of you hateful fuckers can go suck the necrotic nut-crystals from the balls of the 19th century's corpse, because that's where your dead thought-patterns belong and that's all they'll take you to...besides a few ignorant thumbs up on one goofy website.


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